Example of the General Guideline Calculation


# of children in household

% of net income








For example, a custodial parent (in this case the mother) and noncustodial parent (the father) have one child. If the father's net income is $2,000 per month, his share of child support would be $500 a month (25% of 2,000). If the mother's net income is $1,500 per month, her share of child support would be $375 a month (25% of 1,500). These percentages are then adjusted according to the amount of time each parent spends with the child.


Child support covers only ordinary living expenses for a child. It does not include things like child care, medical bills not paid by insurance, travel expenses for visitation with the other parent, or a child's special education needs. Parents must specifically ask the judge to include these additional expenses in the child support order.

The law requires the judge to order one or both parents to provide health insurance coverage for their child(ren), including vision and dental care coverage, if it is available through a job or group insurance plan at no or reasonable cost to the parent.